A common question amongst students who are searching for Brighton Guitar Lessons is related to what they will actually learn.

Brighton Guitar Lessons

The general answer is that you will learn just about anything you want when it comes to Guitar Lessons…providing you find the right teacher at least. The job of the teacher will be to get you motivated when it comes to playing the guitar. This means listening to the sorts of styles that you love and then customizing your sessions to suit. This is why it is important that you take the time to find the right teacher of guitar lessons, and this is why Brighton Guitar Academy is here. You want a versatile teacher who is able to adapt the style to suit you. One of the best teachers I worked with as a kid learning the guitar, was one who customized the lesson plan to every single student. Sure, there were some basic things in place. However, their main job was to listen to the songs that a student liked and then try and work out how they can be worked into the lesson plan.

Much of your lesson will be devoted to learning songs. It is not just a case of blitzing through the song and moving onto the next one though. Your guitar teacher will walk you through the various techniques required in that song. For example, you may learn about power chords or even scales. You will be learning about why they work in a particular instrumental piece. You will then be building up these skills in later lessons. This is one of the main reasons as to why you should opt for guitar lessons as opposed to trying to teach yourself. If you try to teach yourself then it is quite likely you will jump up in skill levels between songs and you will never really get a chance to build up on what you have learned previously.

Brighton Guitar Lessons

With the best guitar tutors it is not simply a case of learning the songs that have been made before. It is also about giving you the tools that are required to craft your own songs. Our guitar tutors will teach you about scales, chords and understanding the guitar early on in your lessons. They will teach you how to work with these scales in order to come up with your own ‘solos’ and teach you about chord progressions so that you can come up with your own songs completely. There are some students who are able to craft basic songs in a matter of weeks.

Remember, everybody who offers guitar lessons in Brighton will have a slightly different lesson plan. It is therefore important that when you are searching for a ‘tutor’ you try out as many as you can possibly afford. At Brighton Guitar Academy we have employed the best guitar tutors in Brighton, each of which has a different style an approach. We can direct you to the tutor that is most suitable for you and therefore you will stand a far greater chance of learning the style and techniques that you wish to do.

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