How To Play ‘Riverboat Song’ – Free Guitar Lesson


Even if the title doesn’t immediately jump out at you, I’m pretty sure that most of you will know this song when you hear it! It is one of the all time great pentatonic guitar riffs and is often overlooked! In this lesson we will be going into the main riff at the beginning of the song. The real challenge with this riff is getting the ‘feel’ and rhythm right. As with all of my favourite pentatonic riffs, the groove tends to be more important than the actual notes you are playing… so keep that in mind when going over this song!


This is a great test for any beginner electric guitar players, and I would say fits perfectly into a high level beginner stage (i.e. you can play a few scales, power chords, open chords and maybe a barre chord or two!). Of course, if you are an electric guitar player then this lesson will suit you more as you can plug yourself in and turn things up to 11… but this is also a good exercise for any acoustic players as well as it is a true finger twister!


Ok, good luck to all of you who are giving this a go… and don’t forget to comment below. We love hearing your feedback and comments on all our videos, so don’t hesitate to let us know what you thought! Good luck 🙂