How To Play ‘Times Like These’ – Free Guitar Lesson


Today we have a classic tune from The Foo Fighters! This awesome rock song combines lead playing, riffs, open chords and power-chords and is therefore a slightly more advanced song for beginners. It is an extremely popular song to learn amongst are students, so today I will show you how to play the very fiddly intro to the song! It is a great riff to practice string skipping and alternate picking with your plectrum. So, get your fingers stretched out and ready to move!


I would pitch this as a high end beginners song overall, but in today’s lesson we are just tackling the main riff. It may not be the kind of song you want to try and play on an acoustic guitar, but if you have an electric and want a challenge then give it a go. Even if you have a little more experience I still think you can use this riff as an opportunity to practice your alternate picking and string skipping at a quick place!


Ok, good luck to all of you who are giving this a go… and don’t forget to comment below. We love hearing your feedback and comments on all our videos, so don’t hesitate to let us know what you thought! Good luck 🙂

  • Paul

    Remembered & enjoyed this lesson! Loving the clear video instruction 🙂