Kjartan Baldursson

Having graduated from SAE Institute London with a BA (Honours) in Music Production, Kjartan has been keeping himself busy working as a session guitarist, film composer and a music producer. Kjartan performs with a number of local bands, covering a wide range of musical genres.

Before joining Your Guitar Academy, Kjartan had become a popular tutor in his home country Iceland. Many of his students have since then made names for them selves on the Icelandic music scene as well as internationally. Kjartan’s teaching style suits both beginners and more advanced players.

Home Studio

Kjartan’s home studio is located on Lansdowne Street, just off Palmeira Square with access to a plenty of bus routes. The studio is equipped with a vintage Marshall stack and a selection electric, electric/midi nylon strung and acoustic guitars. The studio is also equipped with professional recording equipment with a selection of microphones and production tools to play around with.

If you’ve had lessons with Kjartan and want to give him a great review, please visit his Google+ page via the link below. There you can also find more information about Kjartan including performance videos and pictures.