Skype Lessons

If you have arranged a Skype lesson with one of the tutors at Your Guitar Academy Brighton please follow the paypal checkout below to pay for the lesson. If it is your first lesson then please select ‘£10 Trial lesson’, and after that please select ’1 Lesson £30′ for all further lessons, or if you would rather pay in bulk for the lessons those payment options are also available below.

The payment must be made before the lesson, and ideally at least 2 hours before the lesson. Please add your tutor on Skype before the trial lesson, and they will call you at the start of the lesson. Any further questions please send us an email at or call on 01273 385210.


Skype Options


If this is the first time that you are having a Skype lesson then you will need to add your tutor’s Skype name to your friend list on Skype. This needs to be done before the lesson as the tutor needs to accept your request. The tutor’s Skype names will be sent to you on the lesson confirmation email.