Student Song – ‘Chocolate X-Box’


Here we have a beautifully titled song – ‘Chocolate X-box’ – by one of our young students, Luca. This song was recorded towards the end of our beginners courses, and therefore applied a lot of exciting ideas. We included lead playing and pentatonic scales, barre chords, powerchords and loads of different rhythm ideas! Just as with all the BGA student songs, all the guitars have been 100% recorded by the student and all we did was help guide the whole process. I love this song – It is so creative and exciting from start to finish! I tell you this: Luca can write a serious riff! Very, very impressed. We found out from his parents that Luca then went on to play this song live at his school performance and got amazing feedback from it!


We all think this is a pretty impressive song, especially considering it is Luca playing all the parts! Please let us know what you think as I’m sure Luca would appreciate any feedback 🙂