Student Song – Thomas’s Rock Song!

This is an absolute belter from one of our younger students, Thomas. He is just 13 years old and he wrote and recorded this song with his tutor! For those of you who do not know, we like to make sure that our students are constantly applying there new skills and knowledge that they learn through us… and we can think of no better way than in getting them to be creative and write a song! We do guide them along the process, but the song and the ideas are truly there’s! Thomas played all the guitar parts on this track!


In this song Thomas applied the most recent things he had been working on – The pentatonic scale, key harmonisation (which chords fit in the key), palm muting and rock rhythm’s, how to write riffs, and various other things he has been mastering over the course of his lessons with his tutor at BGA. He started from absolute scracth and literally 1 year later he is writing and playing songs like this! Amazing progress!

Be sure to have a listen because he even improvises a solo at the end of the track! I’m sure Thomas would love to know what you think, so please leave a comment!