Ollie Fleming Your Guitar Academy Brighton Tutor

As a pro guitar player, Ollie has made a name for himself as ‘the man’ to go to for professional live and studio work, playing both electric and acoustic guitar.  He has experience playing in various professional function, tribute, show, cover bands and plays lead guitar in a local original band who have played several famous London venues, as well as getting airplay on local and national radio. When Ollie isn’t gigging, teaching or practicing, he spends his time writing and recording music for library use, and has had music featured in independent film.

As a tutor, Ollie had years of private teaching experience behind him before joining BGA, and has taught students of all ages and abilities. He enjoys working with students to achieve their goals, whether they want to learn their first song, improve technique, or more! Ollie has an infectious love for all aspects of guitar, and this comes across very strongly in his teaching. Whether you are a total newbie to the instrument, or would like to dig into the finer points of a certain genre, Ollie has a true gift for teaching and playing, so will be able to get you where you want to be as a guitarist!


Ollie’s home studio is located on Princep Road in Hove. There is free parking available just opposite his home studio and all around Hove. Ollie’s area is all free parking and there is always a space available. There is a bus stop just a 1 minute walk from Ollie’s studio and it is extremely easy to find.

The studio itself is fully equipped with an abundance of guitars, beautiful amps for any of the students to use and a full pro recording set up! This studio is a very creative learning space that will ensure you get the best from your guitar lessons with Ollie.