Student Song – ‘Let yourself Go’


The song above is the first of 4 songs that we want to share with you from our student Mikey! He is an extremely talented young lad who has picked up a serious taste for songwriting. Through our lessons with him we really focus in on the creative side of guitar playing by taking his rough ideas that he brings and expanding them into full songs. He more often than not has a few killer riffs, melodies, sometimes even fully constructed songs, that we then approach from a guitar and musical point of view to take it to the next stage. This song above is a perfect example of Mikey’s talent for songwriting and creative brain hard at work! Every single part was recorded by Mikey… his BGA tutor (Dan) simply guides him along the way!


We all think this is a pretty impressive song, especially considering it is all Mikey’s own work! Please let us know what you think as I’m sure Mikey would appreciate any feedback 🙂