Student Song – ‘Luke’s Song’


Here we have Luke’s song! Luke is one of our students and his progress has literally been unstoppable! He is one of the most determined guitar students we have ever had and his progress has matched his drive and enthusiasm. This song was recored almost a year ago now (you should hear how Luke sounds now!!) and combines all the learning material at the time. We were going over minor 7th chords, harmonising the key and improvising using pentatonic and minor scales. we had been applying all these ideas by learning some awesome funk, rock and blues tunes… but it was time to try and apply the ideas to songwriting! So, here you have the final result – All guitar tracks were written and played entirely by Luke!


We all think this is a pretty impressive song, especially considering it is all Luke’s own work! Please let us know what you think as I’m sure Luke would appreciate any feedback 🙂