Brighton guitar lessons

Your Guitar Academy Brighton offers guitar lessons from the most experienced, dedicated and enthusiastic tutors around. With guitar tutors teaching from home studios in Brighton, Hove and Portslade you are guaranteed first class guitar lessons that are conveniently located to suit YOU. We run part time 10 week guitar courses from Beginner, to Advanced Level, all designed to make YOU a better player. Lessons run either once weekly or fortnightly, and you can also book ‘pay as you go’ guitar lessons designed around you, as and when you need.

We offer guitar lessons in every area of Brighton and Hove including portslade, Rottingdean and Saltdean.

We run part time 10 week guitar courses from Beginner to Advanced levels, all designed to make YOU a better player. The guitar lessons run either once weekly or fortnightly and you have the option to book ‘pay as you go’ guitar lessons designed around you, as and when you need.

Our guitar lessons guarantee your best possible progress! The courses and lessons are designed to be fun, yet are packed with all the information you need to become a strong confident guitarist, whilst giving you an understanding of the theory behind classic songs. Our selection of very talented guitar tutors have a huge amount of experience and fully understand the course, allowing them to cater each individual guitar lesson to your needs.


Our guitar courses and individual guitar lessons include:

For children aged between 6 and 12

Suitable for teenagers and adults

Guitarists who have been playing a year or more

Experienced players looking to supercharge their skills

Players who want to specialise in a certain genre

To give you an idea of what we do we offer a no obligation trial lesson. You can come along to check out the tutors home studio in Bromley, discuss your goals, aims, look through our course material and basically get started!

Give us a call on 01273 385210 or contact us here.


Here are our most recent posts from the YGA Brighton BLOG PAGE. Keep checking back for free lessons videos, gear tests, jamming videos and general day to day guitar fun!

Day Tripper Acoustic Cover

March 21st, 2015

Here we have one of our YGA tutors playing through Tommy Emmanuel’s rendition of Day Tripper by The Beatles. This is a great example of the kind of things you can achieve if you focus on your acoustic guitar playing over electric. In our Acoustic courses we develop your technique and theory to be able to play through song’s similar to this where you have multiple parts going at the same time! Funnily enough, it’s not shard as it seems! :)

Mastering Vibrato

November 14th, 2014


For all intermediate players vibrato is a tricky subject. Great sounding vibrato can be the difference between an ok guitarist and a great one! This video and song should really help you take your vibrato to the next level as the entire solo focuses on just that.


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